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VMX Unlimited is the combination of two businesses founded by Les Richters. Mainly Maico was started in the late 90’s born out of Les’s frustration at not being able to find a reliable source of parts for his 74 GP Maico, using his connections in the USA and his importing expertise derived from 20 years in the automotive parts industry.

Vintage Plastics came along a few years later, filling another void in the local market. The old saying “From little things big things grow” holds very true and before long Les’s small Part Time Business had grown to become Australia’s Premier Maico, CZ and Specialist VMX Parts Supplier, with many parts sourced from the worlds leading manufacturers.

Even though the business keeps Les extremely busy, he does it all single handed, he’s still a racer at heart and can be seen at many vintage motocross, dirt track or vinduros racing his beloved Maicos. What better endorsement can a Maico owner need than to see Les race the very same bikes on the weekend that he nurtures through the week?